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    I was tired of not having a sunset app, so I decided to make my own.

    Anyone else interested?

    Right now, it is very basic.
    Here is a

    Version 0.4.0:
    Added date picker to allow any date to be calculated.
    Fixed DST bug.
    Tested on Pixi device.
    Styled ads.

    Version 0.2.0:
    Uses GPS coordinates to tell you the Sun times for your location.
    App's background image shows you today's sunset if available, or yesterday's if its before sunset.
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    Will it include moon rise/set times?
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    It very well could. If I show that data as well, any suggestions for a new name? haha
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    i'm interested! will it have similar functionality to the old world time app for the palm os? or the 'sunrise sunset free!' app for web os?
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    Nice! If you could include the different sunrise and sunset types (astronomical, civil, nautical) - that would be cool too.

    Also a World Map like this would be excellent:

    (The old "Palmary Clock" for PalmOS had many nice features - I keep hoping someone will redo Palmary for WebOS)
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    Great idea bud. Anything I can do to help, I'm here.

    Come up with a name yet?
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    @rogerkang: Currently the app is similar to 'sunrise sunset free! for the iPhone.

    @swinokur: That world map looks very slick, but a bit too complicated for what I want. Is this the Palmary clock you mentioned? - PalmaryClock Wireless Edition for Treo: Weather Forecast & Exchange Rates

    @areardon87: The current name is FreeSun as this version, 0.2.0, only shows you the basic sun times based on your GPS coordinates.

    @all: If you would like to try out the current version, you can visit: here.
    It has not been tested on the Pixi yet and all times are currently in EST.
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    Thanks, gonna dl it and give a try. Will keep you posted on my testing with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    It very well could. If I show that data as well, any suggestions for a new name? haha
    Doesn't specifically need a different name. Not too many people look at the moon data, so including it as well would be a perk.

    A perk I'd like, but ....
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    I'll ponder over it for ya. Feel free to check out the current version and let me know how it's working out for you.

    I'd love some screen shots posted, as all my screenshots say the same city name. hah
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    It would be kind of useful I think.

    In order for me to run it I'd need to to adjust to local timezones though.
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    D'ld it, but can't find it on my Pre. How, where do I open it? Will it show up on my Launcher page?

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    Sorry, you have to use WebOS Quick Install at the moment. If you download the ipk file straight from your Pre, it will show up in a folder called Downloads in USB mode.

    Once it reaches a higher version number, I'll go ahead and submit it to PC and Palm.
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    Got it.

    Looks good. It's got me pinpointed alright, but it says I'm on EST, when I'm on CST.

    Still think the moon times would be good (haha).
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    Yeah, the default text is EST, I'm still looking around for a source for GMT, the timezone will be correct next version. If you wouldn't mind testing out the app tonight as well, after the sun has set to let me know if the image changes for you.
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    Hi, the app has my GPS ok, the pic looks different, but the data won't load.
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    Sorry about that, I was working on an update and it broke 0.2. Should be fixed now.

    Check out the original post to see the update.
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    nice...very nice. found it in preware but after download appears to be 0.2. have you pulled 0.4?
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    It is currently being approved by Palm, so hopefully here in the next couple days.
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