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    Beerology 101 Version 2.0 has been submitted to Palm and is now awaiting approval.

    In Version 2.0.0:
    • Added KIL branding.
    • New Interface/Layout.
    • New Comment system with ladder ranking.
    • Now supports Private and Public beer reviews.
    • Flagging a beer for error is now more detailed.
    • Now supports Facebook and Twitter sharing.
    • New Tasted page, showing how many of Beerology's beers you've tried.
    • New Local Beerology page featuring local bars/breweries.
    • Added Brewery Location/Number of Ratings on Details screen.

    Please provide feedback on new layout and features. Attached link is an animted screenshot:

    Download Link:


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    This new version seems to scroll through the beers very sluggishly. Takes forever to move through the list. when I try to search, the list sometimes locks up. Also, everytime I update my paid version, I lose all beers I have marked as "Tasted".
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    After a fresh restart, it scrolls very smoothly. I have been looking into various ways to make the app faster. I had to change around how Beerology stores data, but from 2.0 and on, your Tasted and Favorites should no longer reset.

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