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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    Beerology 101 is now available via app Catalog.
    Congrats. Will be purchasing shortly.
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    Just bought it, well worth it. Question is, what will be the diff between the paid & free version?
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    The free version is limited to 100 beers and is ad-supported.
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    Can someone please report how Beerology works with WebOS 1.0.3?
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    Can someone please report how Beerology works with WebOS 1.0.3?
    Do you mean 1.3.1? If so, I haven't noticed any problems.
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    Yes that's what I meant, and thanks for the quick feedback. I was not special enough to have early access to the new version of WebOS.
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    Just wondering why my version reads 1.0.3 and not 1.0.1. both show up in Preware, yet i don't see 1.0.3 here on PreCentral
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    Ok...i see 1.0.3 now. Which version is in the App Catalog?
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    If you purchased Beerology 101 the version is 1.0.1.
    If you downloaded Beerology 101 Lite the version is 1.0.1 as well.
    If you were using the beta version of Beerology 101 then 1.0.3 turns Beerology 101 into the Lite version. If you do not update to 1.0.3 the program expires today.
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    I love this app, and submitted all the harpoon beers (I even contacted the brewery to verify some of the information). I'm about to purchase the full version as it's only .99. However I'd like to suggest that the free version either be limited to 100 beers OR have all the beers but be ad-supported, but not both. Granted you might get fewer purchases, but you'd make more money on the advertisements.

    I was a little disappointed when I updated the app and it suddenly became ad-supported. *sigh*

    Keep it up!
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    how long does it take for beer approval? I just submitted warstiener premium dunkle. I hope it makes it. Great app so far!
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    I activate beers as quickly as I can. With the release to the App Catalog, and the two apps I am working on at the moment, I have been a little behind. Your beer has been approved. Thanks for including all the information!

    The more info a beer has, the quicker it gets approved.
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    Thanks. Glad I could contribute!
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    I'm trying to add beers to your database, but really, how long does this have to take to get beers "approved"? Perhaps beers should instead be posted first and subject to editing or deleting duplicates later time, i.e. erring on the side of incusion?
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    Is this not updating now? In the past month I've added 5 beers & still nothing.
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    I have been working on an update for a while. Beerology 101 2.0 should be released by February.

    I appreciate everyone adding beers, sorry it is taking so long for me to approve them. I keep getting backtracked.

    The comment system is improved significantly in 2.0 and should help get rid of vulgar, racist, and irrelevant comments.
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    Bought the app yesterday after hitting 100 club at World of Beer. Love the app, and will be adding like crazy as I have to drink a different beer each time I stop by WOB in order to get a point...anyways...great app, hope you will still keep updating version...we need more beer types in the drop down list as previously noted...the facebook link sends you to facebook but cant post...would prefer the FB link would send you to the WebOS facebook app rather then the web app....would like to search by beer types/styles to find similar beers in a style (Porter) ....the latter would make it important to have correct beer styles rather then lumping everything under "specialty" ...

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    Hey!..when are you going to approve beer additions ....I added/uploaded at least 10 in the past week... I paid $$ for this app...has support ceased??

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