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    Is weight in lbs or kg...I assumed lbs, but comes up with me being able to drink 4 beers in an hour legally which seems WAAAAYYY off.

    Also by legally what BAC are we talking. I also once again asume .08

    Obviously this should not be used as a be all end all and I'm sure others know that as well, but it would be nice to know if I'm using the right units for it to be somewhat accurate.
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    That's a good point.

    I did mean pounds and I did mean .08.

    I am 98% positive on the math.

    I will make it more clear and test the math again.

    Tested and it came out right for me. Let me know if anyone has problems with it plus any other feedback.

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    Version 0.8.3 Released.

    Added ability to add and remove favorites.
    Server-side work for favorites.
    Adjusted some graphics.
    Adjusted Help page.
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    Nice. I just realized my last post seemed like a complaint. This is an awesome app. As long as there is checks and balances in the community with adding beers to the list it should continue to be great. Keep up the good work. This cannot be far from the app store as it is definitely a better working product than some things I've gotten from the app store.
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    Version 0.9.0 Released.
    Added ability to send Beers via Email
    Cleaned "Favorites" code.
    Fixed "Find a Beer" bug.
    Fixed Reviews bug
    Added "submitted By"
    Adjusted graphics and CSS/Styling
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    Has anyone mentioned that Italy is missing from the brewing countries? This leaves out some great beers. Especially Birra Moretti. Great Program!!!
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    This DB is a work of art!

    There are so many styles of beer that can be added to the selector when submitting a beer to get added. Take a look at the BJCP styles guide. I submitted the Linie oktoberfest beer but there is no marzen/oktoberfest style in the list, i had to choose dark beer. I am sure you are working on what you can. This app has a ton of potential.

    What do you think of this idea. Get some calibration going on in this thread. Ask members for common beers, styles, countries, etc. It may get out of hand, but start with the data you want.
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    really like this app, thought there are a few things that are bugging me.
    - either allow editing of beers in the list or make a field for specifying which kind of error you want to report
    - make the country of origin a text field
    - if possible include pix (maybe just upload to flicr with a tag)
    (maybe via rating a representation picture)
    - make color changeable and add the changes up (one light + one dark = medium)
    - make reviews ratable and show them ordered - throw them out when rated (dunno - 10x) negative

    thanks. And as soon my Pre arrives I will start filling the database
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    I have been working on making the error flagging more intricate already.
    Earlier versions of the program had the country of origin as a text field, but this created way too many inconsistencies. Thus making the Find a Beer feature not possible.

    I will be adding more styles and countries soon to allow more options.

    I have been looking into different ways to have a picture of the beer as well. Flicr tags is a thought.

    The ratable reviews might make a nice touch, but also might just clutter.

    Thanks for all the feedback.
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    I love the app - very useful. Would like to see a separate style for "Pale Ale" or "American Pale Ale" to cover the domestic non-IPA Pale Ales. Also, the font is pretty small on the beer details scene. Hard to read against the graphic background.

    Keep up the good work. When will it hit the App store?
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    Hopefully it will hit the app store before the release of Pixi. The newest version is Pixi compatible and also allows you to search for beers based on name plus brewery by using the universal search feature.
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    is their a way to view what I have "tasted"
    I would like that ability. I know about the favorites but I would like to filter by ones I have tasted but may not be a favorite.
    thanks great app
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    Actually there is not. I have thought about this a few times, and I have no obligation against it, just haven't figured out how to display the info without clutter.
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    I wonder if a site like or has any kind of API that would allow you to tap into their databases. I usually hit up one or both sites before buying something because I trust the reviews there.

    Now I just need a cigar app to go with my beer!
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    I originally looked into both websites and I do not believe they have any APIs. has had talks of an iPhone app, so they might consider me as the competition. I wouldn't be against pulling from their database at all.

    Its funny, I had thought about a cigar app. I even went and did some "research" at the shop down the street. I am not sure how much info I could find about each one though. The database might just get filled with useless info.
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    can you make a bar app please
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    This version will expire in November.
    I get the message "Beerology 101 has expired. Please download the next version..."

    I installed 0.9.6 and still get same message.

    Do I just need to wait for next version?
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    I submitted the new ipk file earlier this morning. Version should read 1.0.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    I submitted the new ipk file earlier this morning. Version should read 1.0.1.
    Cool! I'll keep an eye out for it.
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    Not sure when Precentral will approve the update. Here is the link to the ipk.
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