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    Quote Originally Posted by Matts4313 View Post
    I think this app could be great with a couple changes.

    My biggest gripe is the way the list starts. There needs to be a more filtered version. Like- have the main page have an a-h I-p q-z to sort the beers by. It takes a long time to get to Stone IPA, for example.

    Another sugesstion is to somehow link this to Beer Advocate for ratings and more detailed infromation.

    Just my thoughts.
    Or do like my wife's Instinct does, that is have a slider on the side with A-Z. Or like the last phone I had, a very small a-z so that the corresponding letter can be touched. Example: A
    and so on. Maybe on the left side or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdeusinger View Post
    Also, there needs to be an "IPA" category added.
    There already is one. It shows up as:
    "India Pale Ale (IPA)"

    I should be releasing another small update with a working filter list some time today.

    This wont group the beers by letters, but at least you will be able to search for what you're looking for just like in the contacts app.

    I am still looking into all the other suggestions.

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    A Beer App in the HomeBREW section...
    ... how appropriate!
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    Version 0.6.8 Released.

    Small update:
    Changed beer list and find a beer list to use the Filter list widget. (This should help with searching.)
    Fixed a few styling issues.

    Another note: BeerAdvocates is a superb resource but I am unaware of any API's or any other way to retrieve their data. I do not see how this can be accomplished. Hopefully Beerology can build its own database quickly.
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    am I the only one having trouble with sliding really fast? After flicking a few times I only get a list of beers #-A. They just keep cycling.

    great app and great additions. I would have to agree with locations or regions the beers are located.
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    can you please add MAGIC HAT .. there are many different styles and all (In my opinion) are great! Brewery in Vermont. Also there are more styles of Blue Moons..

    And I also agree with the people who woul like to see more info on hops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saundra23 View Post
    can you please add MAGIC HAT .. there are many different styles and all (In my opinion) are great! Brewery in Vermont. Also there are more styles of Blue Moons..

    And I also agree with the people who woul like to see more info on hops.

    You can add them yourself with the little "Plus" icon in the bottom righthand corner.

    Good brewery by the way

    I know I'm flooding with requests, but here's a few more
    I'd love to be able to select beer based on any combination of the following:


    I.e. I'd like to see all of the beers from a brewery and then see what beers they make and what they are rated.

    I'd also love to have addresses (and phone numbers) of the breweries and have that tied into google maps or Sprint Nav, as well as brewery notes (i.e. tours available or tasting room hours).

    A list of nearby breweries would be awesome too (back to the location aware stuff).

    Even if you just got all of this stuff in the database, you could work with it later behind the scenes.

    Getting it all entered up front would probably save a bunch of time in the long run even if you don't do anything with it now.

    Basically, I think it needs to be much more brewery-centric than it is currently. There are thousands and thousands of beers out there, and having them all in a flat list will be unmanageable quickly.
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    the new update only cylece;s to bushch beer and repeats back to the top
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    Just fixed this, please re-download 0.6.8.

    Sorry about that.
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    I am loving the app and the work put into it so far. My thanks Just a few observations. It would be nice to have beer names consistent in the app. I've noticed most beers are listed under Brand Specific_Beer, others like Dogfish Head and Rogue are just listed under the specific beer name. The little brother and middle brother in the Dogfish Head ipa family are present but didnt see the big boy, 120 Minute. Is anyone else having an issue where you check off a beer you've tasted or added a beer to favs and it doesnt save? Lastly and sorry for adding so much, would be nice to see the addition of Smuttynose, Great Lakes Brewery and Ommegang beers.
    Many thanks again!
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    The favorites and tasted features do not work yet. I am still trying to learn sql storage in webos. It is different than php/mysql .
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    It would be really sweet if you could add a gluten free section. I know there are many different types but I only know of one maybe 2. I know your response will be to add the 1 I know about, but isnt your program about educating people about different types of beers? I am sure there is some type of database that lists these types of beers. I am stuck with the one kind I know about and Im sick of it, please help me find more.
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    Once palm closed the emailed link to install homebrews I never wanted to install one. To think an app would allow me to share my love of dark malty stouts with the world and put me on to other kinds of beer.

    Before I install is there a feature will allow you to tell where sells it. Like how a few "Special" Spatens are only available at 1 beer garden in NY, can I click and then google will tell me how to get there.

    Does the review tell me alcohol content and is there a version planned for hard liquor.
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    I'm liking the Updates so Far Scott! I also like that you added some of my suggestions =P.

    I got a couple more tho. I like that you added more style's but I would like to see more DoppelBocks Russian Imperials Etc. But I do understand that it would be a bit overwhelming for some people when they add the beer to scroll through it all. But then again lets hope the people that are adding know what there adding so it might not be so overwhelming for them.

    Also I would like to see a feature to edit beer. You might add features that could benefit from old beers that were added. For Ex. I added the Spaten Optimator the style I put it as was stout that was the closes you had that I could think of putting there. Now lets say in the future you add more styles I would like to go back in there and add it as a DoppelBock thats what it is.

    Another suggestion would be to change the serving size. Most Microbrews come in a Pint and half "22oz" Unless its one of there more mainstream beers they mass produce then most the time those are 12oz. But thats if you want a accurate cal/carb I would add bottle size changes.

    But I do like the other suggestions about fitlers. What you could is filter by brewery/style/ and for the health conscious bunch carb/cal count like Beers under 50/100 and I don't know if you can added it but when you do the fitler to lessen the clutter of all the scrolling you have to do. When you open a filter you want to search for have it you can type it use the universal search. For Ex. I click on brewery the scroll window pops up and instead of scrolling to find Avery Brewery I would just type Aver and Avery Brewery would pop up. You could do that as well when you add a beer too.

    One more thing if you could when you add a beer could you have a column where you can add your name to the beer you added =P Like Summited by JZbeerman

    Anyways everythings looking great! I'm gonna add a handful right now b4 I go to bed but if you ever need help reviewing the beers that are added I'll volunteer to do the fact check just message me through here and I'll give you my contact info

    O Also a nice feature would be suggested serving glass type
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    I have also thought about an edit beer feature as I think that could be useful to everyone. I will look into putting the submitted by on the details page.

    The issue I have with ordering by Brewery is that I don't have a way to group breweries together server-side. I can match certain variables but you would have lots of repeats if I just simply listed breweries out of the database.
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    Also can you add Barleywine Style, Thriple & Quadrople Ale & give us an option to add other than 12oz beer bottles, the beers i drink come out in 22oz or higher
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    & where's my favorites? Keep up this great app, & pics of the beer or labels would be awesome!
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    Version 0.7.2 Released.
    Added ability to "Taste" beers now.
    Added preferences screen.
    Now calculates how many beers you can legally consume based on gender/weight.
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    I can see this app going a long way! Great work so far. Good move with making it server side.
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    you could do some interesting work with simplyflipflops in regards to the app he made, BJCP Style Guildlines.
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