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    Ever find yourself standing in a liquor aisle trying to decide between their broad selection?

    Beerology has over 300+ beers built in with alcohol percentage, calories, carbs, and the brewery.

    All info is as up to date as possible.
    Info is subject to change based on brewers.
    If you find any errors within the program, please provide feedback in this thread.
    This program reports back the times you open the program, but nothing else.

    Looking for a better name still.

    8.18.09: Doubled amount of beers to a total of 300. Hopefully I can add categories next.
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    This is great, carbohydrate content and alcohol content is great to know!
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    can u add beers from other countries like mexico?
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    Eh. Gave it a shot but quickly deleted it. It just doesn't have have enough micro brews.
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    the list isn't completely alphabetical. the I's should come after the H's.

    other than that, seems fine. guess all you need to do is update the listing with more beers (a few brews are conspicuously absent) and maybe speed the search function a bit.

    might I also suggest categorical listings?
    i.e. by alcohol content, calories, etc.

    it'll make it easier when yer out and wanna find the strongest (or "healthy") stuff quick
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    Finally an app that REALLY matters. Thanks man!!!
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD
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    @rayln: I am currently working on the category setup now, that should be included in the next release. Ha and I have no idea why the I's went into the database ahead of H's. Will be fixed.

    @everyone else: I am also trying to increase the list of brews substantially. As all the data is built in to overcome internet coverage issues, you will eventually have to update to get the updated list of Brews.

    Hopefully I can include a feature to just download the new lists of brews manually to bypass the whole update of the application.
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    Two negatives:

    1. There is no Dos Equis. For shame.

    2. When the stat screen is popping up, it seems to stall halfway up for a second.
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    Nice work!

    It would be cool if it had more info, such as country of origin, type (lager,ale, etc)

    Also missing two beers I like, namely San Miguel (for the Pilipino in me ) and Gulden Draak
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    Missing the "official" beer of Austin TX - Shiner Bock.
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    First, great app! Does exactly what I was hoping and has a good starting selection!

    I do have a couple of things to add:

    1) Here's my two favorites to add to the db:

    Peroni - alc:6.6%, cal:150, carb:11.4g,man:SpA Virra
    Heineken - alc:5.4%, cal:166, carb:9.8g,man: Heineken Brewijen

    2) You are providing a great app for free, and that is so cool, but you really should let people know that your app phones home to your servers when it is launched. You aren't doing anything but tracking the number of uses, but it still may make some people nervous.

    Thanks again!
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    @sottey123: Those beers will be added, and yeah I guess I should inform of the ping. For those interested it has been used 585 times since it was released a few hours ago. All my programs have a ping in them, just for curiosity.

    @Drybear: I will look into adding those features in the future.
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    Great first release for preople to use and I assume it will only get better.
    A main issue for me is yes this definitely needs micro brews! For those of us that enjoy the sweet nectar of beer in Utah, we tend to seek out and support local breweries for some "real beer". You list PBR and Bud as 5.0%. Oh if that were only true in Utah All grocery store beer, wine coolers etc are capped at 3.2%. We can't even buy 5% PBR at the liquor store so either we end up getting bloated and fat on low % beer or spend extra dough on (hint hint) Uinta, Squatters, Wasatch, Utah Brewing Co., Moab etc beers. Most of which sell 3.2% versions in grocery stores, (they list them as 4.0 by vol but same deal) but can be purchased at liquor stores and breweries at respectable levels of 5-8+%...

    Just my 2cents.. Still a cool app that I will use Thank You!...

    P.S. Where's the Red Stripe mon?
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    No worries. It is pretty clear you didn't have malicious intent. I was more bringing it up for your protection.

    FYI, the only reason I was in the code is that I wanted to add those two beers to the DB RIGHT THIS SECOND! :-)

    I am curious, are there file system API calls you can use so you could move the data out to , say and xml or text file? That might be more portable and avoid the updates.

    Again, the app rocks, thanks for releasing it!

    Last edited by sottey123; 08/15/2009 at 06:49 PM. Reason: typos
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    The two things I want added have already been posted.

    Mexican beers (Tecate, Pacifico, Modelo, etc.)

    Great app! Looking forward to some updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrcbandit View Post
    Missing the "official" beer of Austin TX - Shiner Bock.
    And, of course, the National Beer of Texas -- Lonestar
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    Thanks for the nice app. All suggestions I thought about are already posted by others.
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    I really love the App. I only have about 6 homebrew apps on my Pre, and one is this one and one is a B.A.C. calculator... That probably doesn't reflect too highly for me, but whatever.

    I also wanted to mention that I loved the huge beer mug that consumes the whole screen when you try and move the beerology app in the launcher.
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