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    Forgot to mention; just my own personal preferences, but when you update your database, could you please include a few German (Becks, Klonenbourg, Lowenbrau, Wersteiner, etc), Japanese (Asahi, Kirin, Orion, Sapporo), and Mexican (Bohemian, Corona, Dos Equis, Modelo, Pacifico, Sol, Tecate, etc) labels? Of course, I'm not asking for each and everyone of those, I just threw them out as examples (but if they somehow all happened to end up in your list, that would rock!). Thanks again.
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    No Guinness?!? That's a crime. LOL.. Love the app.
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    Since most of the suggestions revolve around adding additional beers, you may want to consider allowing users to submit their own to the list. You could do this wiki style and also allow users to flag bad data for correction. Oil does something similar to this in the blocked app, so its not completely my idea.

    Also, i would like to see a description (this would really help for micro brews), tags (to search for new beers) and maybe even a rating scheme, possibly with comments (once again to drive people to try new beers).

    this maybe outside the scope of your project, but i thought i'd throw it out there, since i'm not writing the code
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    nice apps but where is, heineken or corona
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    Any way to tap into ??? They have a ton of reviews of beer
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    Odd request... But it has to do with liquor... Someone should make an app with shots, different shots, and what they require to make, personally I would like an app revolved complete around jagermeister, using all the shots found on
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    Great App! Thanks!
    Just a suggestion...How about adding IBU's for those of us who like a lot of hops?
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    Doubled amount of beers to a total of 300. Hopefully I can add categories next.

    Unfortunately the Pre does not handle certain characters, so please let me know if a block shows up in some of the beer's names.
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    Another essential app for my Pre

    Enhancement suggestions:
    Add a way to tag beers that we have tried or want to try, and space to record our thoughts about a beer. Oh, and a way to export or email a list of the "want to try" beers.
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    Name suggestion: BeerBio
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    I agree, beeradvocates has a huge selection and tons of reviews. Tapping into that would be an awesome resource.
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    any chance you will be implementing a search feature that can do universal search of the list of beers in the catalog?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pyrognome View Post
    any chance you will be implementing a search feature that can do universal search of the list of beers in the catalog?
    Do you mean from within the launcher below where it says Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Twitter?
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    Dos Equis XX Details

    Brewery: Cervecer[]a Cuauht[]moc

    The [] is actually a box in both names. should that be there?
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    The Pre does not support certain characters. That will be fixed next release.
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    Mmmm, beer!

    Not sure if this was covered, but to reduce the (very) long list, maybe the main list could consist of the main brew names (Miller, Sierra Nevada, etc.), and when you tap on those that have multiple brews, you get another scrolling list.

    Also, it's Anchor Steam, not Anchor Stream.

    Regards & thanks,
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    Good job with this app! There's a good amount here from the start.
    I second the comment about adding beer styles to the information.

    If I could make a request it would be to link in ratings and other info from websites like or, which are two of my particular favorite references. They have great information about serving glasses, preferred temperature, and even food pairing that help you appreciate beer even more.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by socca1157 View Post
    Ever find yourself standing in a liquor aisle trying to decide between their broad selection?

    Beerology has over 300+ beers built in with alcohol percentage, calories, carbs, and the brewery.
    Here is to this app!
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    I was this [] close to getting this app. Looks like a handy app to have since I'm on a diet. However, the ping completely turned me off. I don't need YOU knowing how many times I use the app. Now I'm wondering if any other apps I've downloaded have tracking options built into them.
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    Looks like a great start.

    IBUs would be a good thing to add, though they're only listed for a few beers.

    Links to info on BeerAdvocate and/or RateBeer would be nice, if you can't get their info programmatically.
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