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    ^+2! I now get an ad page when opening...any reason why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdubbx View Post
    ^+2! I now get an ad page when opening...any reason why?
    i, too, get this ad page...
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    Actually, it takes you to
    this .com domain is parked free, courtesy of
    My guess: the developer was having the app just call a website ( that he was formatting for the Pre.

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    I use my own server to pull resources and one of my domain names went down. The file has been fixed, please redownload.
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    What happened to this app? It does not work anymore. It takes you to an advertisement site now.
    The same thing happened to me. It worked fine until I used quick install for other things. Now this app stopped working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it just takes me to an add site.
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    Any chance you'll create an app for too?
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    yeah lolbox has it, but it takes too darn long to load lol box's version. I want to use it when on the train too, so if I can only see 1 @ a time, it's not going to cut it.
    Now for this version. I love how I can scroll to see the long list of FMLs, and how I click the post, and click the numbers above I agree, and YDI, but how do you go back to the list of FMLs screen? Or can you go to other lists? That would be neat too. Thx for the mobile version though, It makes lolz a lot easier...

    YAY I found IT!!!
    So at the top of the screen, the BIG FML, click it!!!
    When you click it, there is a little 2-line drop-down menu... not really a menu, but w/e
    You see Home, Top FML, Flop FML, Submit, Sign In, etc.
    GREAT JOB!!! Seconds after posting this, I see my answer. No one Posted on this since Aug, so I just had to leave this answer just in case someone else was looking for the same thing, and said, I wonder if someone asked the question, let me check the official thread...then they'll see it... YAY FML!!! YAY App Developers!!!
    Love your mobile site.
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    Ooh, me likes... This app rox mah sox
    Thanks App Creators...
    Thanx pre for making an OPEN phone!!!
    This is the best thing one could do 2 a phone!
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