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    I am the developer of Catchwords (and also Dealert + PowerNap) If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests for Catchwords, please use this thread to present them.

    Catchwords Description

    Feature Highlights:

    • Constantly-updated wordlist of over 2200+ words. That is over 1,300 more words than the electronic version! More will be added with each update.
    • You can choose from multiple "wordpacks." 2 are included in v1.0 (Standard and Internet Memes).
    • You can enable/disable categories before each round. Don't like History but like everything else? Simply uncheck it.
    • You can control how many times a player can press the "Next" button during gameplay.
    • Beep/Buzzer noises enhance the experience.
    • Smart algorithms prevent duplicate words (especially in the Standard wordpack with over 2,000+ words).
    • Extremely easy to set up and play. Anyone can play Catchwords.
    • Adjustable score limit allows for quick and long games. You can even adjust the score limit mid-game if you need to finish quickly.
    • Many more features to come...

    Catchwords Screenshots

    Catchwords available right now in the App Catalog for $1.99.

    Catchwords Download Link

    If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, etc, just let me know. As always, I love to hear what the community thinks and wants to see added to the application.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Hey Catchwords fans, v1.1.0 has been released which includes a new word pack: Movies.

    "Movies" consists of over 300 movie titles, actors/actresses, and directors.

    As always, please submit your feedback on which word packs to include in future updates.

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