Announcing "Hack Tracks," a no-frills, pattern based drum sequencer for the TouchPad. I've been working on this app for a few months and wanted to let people in on what it does, and what my plan is...

So, what is it?
My new app, "Hack Tracks" is a drum sequencer for the TouchPad that uses a pattern/grid based approach to creating drum rhythms. I didn't spend the time to make it ultra-pretty, but it works smoothly and produces some nice audio. Currently, it is more focused on a "live performance" style of working (toggling patterns on and off in realtime during playback). But, I plan to add a "song sequencing" feataure in the future

Click here for a blurry, shaky-cam teaser video

...and a screenshot...

What can Hack Tracks do?
Here's a brief list of the current features:
  • Create drum rhythms by toggling cells on a grid on and off
  • Able to toggle multiple patterns on/off during playback in realtime. This allows you to dynamically layer patterns on top of each other.
  • Use any 16 bit, 44.1 khz stereo .wav file as a drum sample
  • Able to save mutliple songs
  • Each song supports 10 channels (instruments) and 16 patterns
  • Control of BPM and Shuffle
  • High quality drum samples included

How soon can I get it?
It will not be available in the App Catalog probably for a few months. But, there will be an open alpha version of the app freely available to the public in a few days.

What will the future hold?
My plan is to release the current version of the app as an "open alpha" in the next few days. It will be freely available. Once released, I'd love your feedback! I'll take your feedback and add any minor features you suggest that I can squeeze in quickly, fix bugs you find, and then releasae the first iteration to the App Catalog as a paid app. After that, I will begin work on adding new, major features to the app in the App Catalog. I want to do multiple, frequent releases instead of one large, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink release. This gets the app out much more quickly.

Won't a freely available "open alpha" version of the app take away from future sales?
Maybe. The test version of the app will have a small limitation in place (still to be decided) to help remind people to upgrade to the paid version once it is available. But, it is more fun being "open" about a development project than keeping everything locked down and secret. We'll see how this all works out. This app isn't my livelihood. It is my hobby. I am creating this app to have fun, to sharpen my coding chops, and to create an app that I myself want to use. Because of these things, I'm not looking to maximize incoming cash. Granted, I want to bring in a few bucks, but that is not my only goal.

Where can I get more info?
The juxtaflux subforum here on webOS Nation is the best place for information. You can also follow @juxtaflux on Twitter where I will also be sending updates on the status of the app.

I've created a Hack Tracks feedback thread where you can post feature requests, bugs, rants, etc.

Now, I'm gonna stop writing and head back to getting the alpha version of the app ready for release...