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    just bought it for my Pre2, cause a good exhibition app is needed and here are my thoughts:

    Back gesture should be there in non exhibition mode. I know Dock is cross-plattform, but the back gesture is so phone-webos essential.

    Exhibition Mode:
    If notification icons are present in exhibition mode, they collide with lower icons in dock.

    GPS locating would be nice, as international users, as enyo still does not support SYM-key on phonekeyboard for special charakters like Umlauts (try entering München on Pre2). Even if Munchen is autocorrected (which works) to München it seems not to get Umlauts.

    Right swipe for next day is possible, the left-swipe for back would be nice.

    Dock requests quite a lot of rights on my facebook account.
    Why should it be enabled to post messages in my name. is there a posting option?
    Why should it read my "about me data", i know that already.

    24h display and different dateformat is missing, perhaps just query the phones locale (time-date-format)
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    i'm having trouble w allowing permission for facebook, bottom of screen is blocked out and no permission button? Anyone else having trouble?
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    boooo doesnt come with a webosnation rss news feed as standard like glimpse does.
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    Just a quick question - what does that upper left list icon do in the google reader widget?


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