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    All attempts to validate gmail settings fail.
    I used CertGrabber, downloaded latest cert OK, rebooted HP Veer, no luck.
    In my PC Gmail Account I can no longer find any setting for "Allow less secure app..."
    In my PC Gmail Account today it first showed Veer as "unknown device", and now it has disappeared. I don't see any way to "add" the device back.
    A year or two ago Google Gmail allowed "app passwords", it still does, but I see no way to create and use an app password for use by my HP Veer to connect to gmail server.
    Nothing has changed in my gmail settings, but I noticed last week gmail forced me to re-login on all devices, and since then HP Veer cannot connect to gmail server. Error "username or password incorrect". But of course they are correct, it is a login failure for some other reason.
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    I was able to resolve this, after an hour or two of thrashing in my Google Account.
    The trick was to create an App Password (16 letters generated by Google), and use this once in HPVeer for my gmail server login, after which login should not be needed from HP Veer (until next time Google tightens security).
    I found this in Google Account->Security->App Passwords->Create Password
    I filled in the following required fields:
    App name: mail
    Device: Other, "HPVeer4097b" (I think an arbitrary identifier is OK if unique)

    Also I got a popup suggesting I upgrade to a newer Gmail app on the device, or to keep the older "HTML mail". I chose the older, assume there is no new app for the Veer.
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    They're sending me occasional messages urging me to turn off less secure access. No thanks, I want my webOS devices to keep getting email! Those mesages are the only way I know to even find that setting anymore.

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