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    Yes, THIS is what I'm reporting does not work. I just typed that script into three devices. It's not updating from after the power is off
    I've not had much success with that script on phones myself -- although it works flawlessly on all 3 of my TouchPads.
    If the phone has a SIM card (or is on Verizon), its best not to run the script, and just let the carrier take care of time.
    On phones without a cell network, I generally end up using this: Clock Sync - webOS App Museum II although it takes a while to sync up, and sometimes it doesn't sync at all.

    I will update the docs.
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    I just powered up 2 of my old Veers and an old Pre this morning. That always brings a smile to my face...and then a frown. The Veers were probably one of the best phones I've ever owned. I've since moved on to 3 BlackBerry's and now a Google Pixel. The functionality of a dead platform kind of ruined the experience. I still have one working Touchpad and today I finally threw out my bricked one. A few months ago I went to charge up the bricked one and the next morning it was about 3x it's original thickness with a broken screen and a bubbled back. Battery overheated and swelled up and melted many parts. I was lucky not to set my house on fire.
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