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    Hi i checked all forms on installing android on veer . So far i tried both the android on veer forums , and the android chroot , Ive done them multiple times and still receive the same error "palm rom" inside the triangle . sometimes it will boot back to web os. Can someone who has any files will be happy to send them to me .Any instructions/steps anyone that can help me with would be highly appreciated! Ill post pictures if needed.
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    I believe the guy who was behind all that lost his files or something.

    Either way, there's almost no way we're going to see an Android build on the Veer that works well.
    I would probably look for something like the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo if I had to go Android with something around the size of the Veer.
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    So the files that were posted years ago are now not useable?
    and got it , I bought the veer just to see if it was possible. Ill try and see if i can come up with a build (once I learn how to do so) or maybe work on lune os builds.
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    Apparently the guy who was doing it had his laptop stolen, and all the work he did on it. There are videos of what he did, but it was never really a usable phone. That being said, it was 5 versions of android ago.........

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