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    Hi all -

    I am so in love with my little Veer that I bought another one just in case I killed the first trying to install homebrew apps. I seem to be a little behind as I bought my first Veer in July and HP stopped support a month or so earlier, and of course I forgot my Palm sign-in in because my last Palm (Pilot) got ran over on Van Ness in 2006. I never really thought I would have another HP handheld product until I was looking for a phone that wasn't the size of a brick and I found this adorable Veer. "heart heart"

    Anywhoo - just wanted to mention that when I got my Veer the charging cord was a little crispy due to age. After several charges due to looooow battery life, I noticed that the rubber started failing and the wires were in danger of fraying so I wrapped my cord in electrical tape. These unusual cords are hard to find so wanted to give you a heads up.

    Thanks for letting me rave about my Veer!

    And FYI - Since I forgot my Palm info I registered as Dr. Skipped First Use and set it up in developer mode so AT&T can't figure out why my data usage is so low - lol!
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    Welcome to the forums.

    I assume you've been lurking for a while as you seem to know what you are doing. Feel free to ask for any help you may need.

    I'm a bit surprised to read that the rubber on your cord is perishing as I have similar items at least as old or older that seem to be fine. My suggestion is that you consider buying a Touchstone. This works with a mini-USB cord, so may help you save wear and tear on your unusual cord - which I assume attaches to the magnetic connector on the side.

    Review: AT&T HP Veer | webOS Nation
    Got your new HP Veer 4G? Here's what you'll need next: | webOS Nation

    Any Palm sign-in from 2006 would likely be irrelevant to a webOS device, so as a late arrival, you haven't missed out much. As a different system from PalmOS, it had it's own profile and app catalogue. Back ups are a little involved now or at least require a bit of setting up, but most of the data on your phone can be backed up manually. The homebrew app catalogue doesn't have so many apps, but there are quite a few good ones. Remote wipe is no longer possible and it's unlikely to be replaced - so take care of your phone!

    Perhaps versions of the old profile services will appear for LuneOS in the future, but when or if such a neat little phone will appear that will run it is anyone's guess!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Definitely get some Touchstones! I put them everywhere. I have one on each bedpost! (One for Pre2, one for Veer.)

    Right about now is the perfect time for a slab phone backlash. If i was ATT, I'd rerelease the Veer. Some entrepreneur out there should be trying to refurb and update every last one still out there.

    They are just too cute!
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