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    OK, so I went through part one of this guide (which is fantastic btw so thank you):

    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    However, I can't seem to get Yahoo or Gmail to work and setup my contacts. Even worse, I backed out the Google Sync patch and now I get an error when I try to reinstall it. I've attached the error I get for the gsync patch. I actually don't care about getting the actual email to work. I just want to get my contacts downloaded. I setup my account as a boring old email account and it's working just fine (but no contacts of course).

    Any ideas?
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    I forgot the yahoo error.

    Requested encryption not supported by server.

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    Guide: Fixing Yahoo mail. | pivotCE

    For contacts, try C+DAV

    Edit: Oh, there's this:

    I can't remember what's up to date anymore, but I think the Yahoo patch is still valid, So you can solve Yahoo / Google issues individually. C+DAV is a general solution for calendar & contacts over a number of services (any that support the C+DAV protocol basically)

    There is a way to fix the patch thing, but I'm struggling to remember. Basically, you read the patch, and locate the code in the app... I think... either you manually fix it or... I think there's an output file (to revert the patch) after patching and you maybe rename to swap it with the original patch, then apply the patch so you're actually reverting, but I really can't remember, so hopefully someone will give you an accurate answer!

    Note that frantid has supplied an update and Thibaud is working on an OpenSSL replacement, so using a combination of items should restore pretty much all Google functionality and C+DAV might fix Yahoo contacts.

    Note the Service pack link below...
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    The contacts patch won't work any more. You need to use the Oauth2 sync behaviors patch in my signature or C-Dav.

    If you use Oauth2, you need to fix that file in your picture.

    Using Internalz Pro with master mode on, goto:

    and look for gdata_lib.jsjsjs.$webosinternals$.$orig$

    rename that file by holding the name and choosing info. Just backspace until you get just gdata_lib.jsjsjs then go back to the file listing. It should ask you if you want to over write the file.

    If the file ".orig" does not exist, then you need to get the file from the doctor.
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    I'm sorry, but I can't make heads or tails out of all this. Every time I read a thread it points to another enormous thread that I need to do first and my head is spinning. Getting this phone to do regular stuff might just be too complicated for me.

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