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    After thinking about password security for the last weeks and after reading of the hack on LastPass I really like the idea of storing password data on a veer (no matter what app is used).
    It's no secret that I like my Veer very much and maybe I'm seeing things not clearly - but I feel a little bit out of focus of genuine hackers. If somebody steals my Veer he has either to get over my screen lock or he has to find a connection cable to get access with his PC - both possibilities seem not so easy
    On the other hand there are possible security leaks on an OS which will never be patched again. Hmmm...

    ...just thinking...
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    I suppose one benefit of the Veer is the magnetic cable, in terms of accessing contents via USB.

    I use Data Manager and store quite a bit of sensitive info on it. I just need to figure out how to use the encryption function.

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    Also make sure that developer mode is not open, without a password.

    And for a bit of a tinkerer, it is easy to attach some wires instead of the magnetic connector.

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