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    Found a deal on Ebay for a Panda Veer.....29 bucks free shipping, listed as used with wear.
    So I took a chance and ordered one. Lo-and-behold, the phone is brand new.

    Now I have tiny Yin and Yang.

    Was poking around at some other listings and was amused at the item details on this Veer:

    Poor Shape Unlocked HP Veer 4G 8GB Webos at T Keyboard Smartphone | eBay

    Confusing??? Maybe with the servers shut off and trying to get it booted initially.
    But I have never heard anyone describe webOS as *confusing*, especially with the one pictured (since it is already past the profile sign-in )
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    I read the posting today and it looks like the seller finally sold it! Nice sell for a confusing operating system
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