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    Hi, i have an HP Veer on a Tmobile US plan, the mms just randomly stopped working. These are the settings i have could someone let me know if they are correct and if they are if anyone knows of another solution, thanks.

    mms apn:
    mms proxy:
    max size: 300
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    Did you try the settings mentioned in the other t-mo threads? I remember one person specifying that setting username to the word 'none' rather than simply blank had helped. Google search it too as mms settings are not webOS specific.
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    yes, I've tried that and a bunch of other suggestions but nothing is working. I'm not even sure if it is the settings thats wrong because they were the same when it was working so I'm not sure why it just isn't working anymore.
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    I have tried so many settings and haven't managed to make it work, I can send pictures on the default settings, but not receive them anymore. T-mobile says it's my phone's fault, that it's being notified that it has messages to pick up, but not retrieving them. Since they used to work, I'm assuming t-mobile changed something and that my veer is now "obsolete" =_=.

    I first realized something was wrong when they removed the aliases on, I had, and they shut all that down, supposedly the phone number still works, but since I'm not receiving mms, it's not working.
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    now everything seems to not be working right, facebook app not working, my emails are not refreshing unless I manually do it, websites are not loading properly... Tmobile is telling me its my phone too they said everything is fine on there end

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