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    All of a sudden, today, my Veer put up a card inviting me to upgrade my maps app to the latest version. Before I clicked on the link, I checked my home screens and discovered that the Bing Maps icon had reverted to Google Maps. Then, I checked my software listing and saw that Maps was no longer listed, nor was Google Maps.

    Next, I clicked on this upgrade card and it took me to the App Catalog listing for Bing Maps. But, instead of an install button, there was the "Tap to Launch" button, as if the app still existed in my Veer. I clicked that, hoping to get the app back, but instead it brought up duplicate card inviting me to upgrade to the latest version of Maps. Click on that and I land right back in the App Catalog.

    So, I'm stuck in some kind of weird loop, with Maps. It's there, but it's not there.

    I tried a cold restart, but this time, when I click that old Google Maps icon, it opens a web page from the old WebOS site at HP, describing the new Maps app. It tells me to visit the App Catalog to download it.

    There doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with my Veer. Just this strange ghostly Maps disappearance.
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    there are several threads about map install loops and perhaps you find the cure there.

    In the end, try to get the newest version of google maps version by "72ka" a community member: Google Maps | webOS Nation

    It's far the best you can get on webOS, 9099 downloads can't lie

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