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    I love my Veer, but now, it posts alerts to "Check your account login and password". I clear the alert and it repeats a minute or two later. I can't make it stop. The alert light is constantly blinking. It's causing my battery to get drawn down rapidly.

    In an attempt to solve the problem, after I attempt to log in, it responds "Unknown Error" and refuses to log me in. The alerts continue.

    If I turn off all the account functions(email, contacts, calendar), the "Check your account login and password" alerts stop. The moment I turn any of the functions back on, the check alerts start again.

    Finally, in desperation, I tried deleting the Gmail account, thinking that if I set it up over again fresh, that might solve the problem. But now, I won't allow me to add a new Gmail account at all, and I've lost all the useful functionality that I need.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!
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    It does sound like you need the sync patch that 60RH linked to. If you happen to have the old version installed, be sure to read the removal instructions before trying to install the new version.
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    Wow! Thank you so much for the prompt replies!

    How odd that it took so long after Google made the change to their system, to affect my Veer.

    I will need to do some homework, since I've never tinkered with my Veer, before, and I don't want to mess it up. But I LOVE my li'l Veer, so I'm gonna do this!

    I'll report back my results.

    Thanks again, one and all!!
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    Well, I sure did have a lot of learning to do. There was no one place with a complete "how to" for a total newbie, like me, to start from scratch. But I did piece it all together and successfully installed all the various components and the patch. Amazing!

    Best of all, the result was perfect, and my wonderful Veer is back to its usual superb self!!

    Extraordinary how this dedicated, skilled community built around this special platform and hardware, and is still up and running to support the ordinary users, like me, long after its makers have abandoned it. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

    Humble best regards to all,

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