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    We are heading to Italy and Greece for vacation next month and planning to take a spare Veer, activated on a spare HP profile, as an emergency phone for the trip. Since this is only for emergency use, we planned to pull and use either my wife's AT&T 4G sim from her daily driver Veer or the AT&T 3G sim from my Pre3, phones that we will be leaving behind.

    Does 3G or 4G matter for those two countries? Would either of them work?

    Your expertise would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, I have an US AT&T Veer and have been able to use it on GSM and 3G pretty much all across Europe and other countries (I live in NL, but it works fine in BE, FR, IT, CZ, HU, DE, RU UZ, CN, HK, SG for example :-) ). If no 3G/4G is available it will automatically just use GSM (2G) for connectivity.

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    Yea, basically, if the H+ network is unavailable, then it will just switch to whatever usable network there is. I recommend using the Pre3 one
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    Thank you!

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