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    I dropped my old Veer in the water and it wouldn't work. I bought a brand new one off eBay, got the unlock code from ATT. I logged into my profile and things started going south...None of my apps would load (still won't 10 days later), initially it wouldn't back itself up (does now tho), won't sync to my Yahoo calendar, or contacts (Yahoo email's ok tho). I wanted to try the old WebOs Dr and I can't install it on my new Mac (installer says there's an error, but I can't get it to display...). Tried finding the technical support chat service (can't find it). Any ideas? Thank-you.


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    Hey! Thanks for all the help. I got it sorted out....
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    FYI a patch has been created to fix Yahoo contact sync, but the cause of the calendar sync problem is still unknown.

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