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    I just bought the phone used yesterday, and every time I open the App Catalog, I get the message "The action could not be completed. Try again later."
    If it helps, the App Catalog is on v2.0.22100, and the device is on v2.1.2.

    I would really appreciate some help soon so I can decide if I will have to return it.
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    Start here:
    The official solution is here:
    (it's after July 23rd 2013)
    If there are still problems, search these forums for the other threads.
    Here is another issue you may want to fix:

    The links below give general information about webOS. Search the forums if you need specifics and if you can't find an answer, you'll find many here are happy to help with the queries you post. Don't forget to specify the details starting with your device type.

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    It might help people searching if "App Catalog" was added to the title of that thread. "Root Certificate Expiry" isn't something anyone unaware is likely to search for. Make it obvious like "FIXES APP CATALOG!!!!!!1"

    Probably why this comes up every week or so.
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    This kind of sounds like a different issue (not to say you won't experience the cert issue as well, because if the phone was doctored and not just erased, you definitely will). With the cert issue, you can open it and even download apps, but they fail to install. I have had the same issue on occasion, but not consistently. This probably isn't the cause, but the last time I saw it I believe was on my Pre 3 using wifi that had been in airplane mode for a while, and turning it off fixed it (leaving WiFi on tho - it seemed to need something from the radio). I am sure I've had it happen on more than one phone.
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