My wife's Veer started getting a nearly black screen recently. The phone was still functioning fine, you just couldn't see what was on the screen without a bright light shined directly on it. After trying several things to make sure that it wasn't a software problem (e.g., ran on device tests, other tests suggested in related threads here, etc.), I was pretty confident that it was a hardware failure and I decided to replace rather than try to further diagnose, dissassemble.

Transferred her profile to the new Veer, set the clock back to pre-7/23/2013, downloaded the new HP App Catalog, and have access to the catalog. But many of her apps (including among them Facebook) have failed to download. Tried both before and after moving the date forward to current network time/date.

What did I do or forget to do that might have created this problem?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.