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    yes! I got that sucker out and I think I straightened the pins too.

    now it wants an unlock code to be happy with thus t-mo sim. For some reason it won't accept ##devmode# . Hmmmm...I just want to get it on WiFi. Argh...
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    #*DEVMODE# for Veer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    #*DEVMODE# for Veer
    thanks, I just remembered its different for gsm, but it still won't take it. Do I need to unlock first.? Time for dogbert I guess
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    Don't think you need the sim in to put in dev mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Don't think you need the sim in to put in dev mode.
    nope seems not as that's what i finally wound up doing. four some reason it wanted 'bz' from the keyboard rather than the dial pad symbol keys. but i couldn't unlock as it wouldn't go past scanning step in the dogbert method. ill try again later. but i did get to #*786 to confirm this phone has zero hours and calls. that's a new phone alright. I'll have to activate a Sim took confirm my pins are still functional.

    Alan, are you going to stay ar 2.1.2 or move up to 2.2.3 or 4...or even 5? i dont know what is avail or recommended yet.

    anyone know what is the latest recommended config for veers? 212 with uberkernel, or 224 with 212 phone app?

    oy vey. now i gotta learn a whole new set of webOS quirks.

    this thing is lol funny how small it is. it really does make me think the original size Pre, which was most like a bar of soap or a deck of cards, was the optimum size for your hand. i guess thats why they made it that size to start.
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