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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    I can't really second that...

    I'm currently using a Veer as main driver (for over an year now) and currently carry a Galaxy Nexus together with that. For browsing and some other stuff the GN is great (and it has some apps that are not existing for webOS or simply broken)... but as soon as it comes to E-Mail, SMS, or anything else that includes writing text or app-switching I switch back to the Veer.

    Actually for web browsing the screen on the Veer is no issue for me either. I don't get a lot of benefit from the bigger screen on the GN. A little... but not that much. The issue is more that the browser on the Veer is ageing fast and on the GN there is firefox which works much better (and also syncs to my desktop, which is really great).

    Bottom line is: Even when directly confronted with a 4.65" screen, the small Veer screen would still be sufficient for me. Issue is more that some apps are missing / broken / not so good anymore... other apps are still just great. I especially love the e-mail app.

    Of course that is my personal preference, only...
    I can only second that statement! The Veer has been my daily driver for about 2 years now and I love it and people always make remarks about how small and cute it is!

    I just notice now it's again and not as snappy anymore (I guess memory chips wearing off or something). I did Doctor a month or two ago, but that didn't help much. My battery is wearing off too (health down to 90%), display flat cable had it's best time as well. So I might decide to switch my Veer to my wife's who recently moved to the dark side and got a slick Huawei P6.

    I also have a couple almost Pre3's laying around that I was able to get for a fair price second hand, so might decide to go for a Pre 3, since it's a bit faster CPU wise.
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    We adjust ourselves to whatever screen we use. I still have my Centro as a spare phone. And I used it happily for two years before all my webOS phones. I noticed yesterday that the entire phone itself fits within the screen area of my GS4 lol. But I refuse to get a Galaxy Note. Too big. Already with this phone I can't really use it with one hand cause my thumb has a hard time reading.

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    I switched to Samsung Galaxy S4 mini because my Veer (and many over Veer's i tried) had significant problems with regard to disconnecting incoming calls ... that made me very annoyed .. but the size was very nice
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    I can not wait to get my hands on this even though its an older phone. I am very in to technology and coming from a huge 6.44 inch screen phone I wanted a smaller back up. I hope that this is still a good phone even though it is a dead os. I always wanted another operating system besides android which is the only one I used besides using IOS since the iPod touch 1st generation. I think I am gonna love the screen and the qwerty keybored.
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