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    I have at&t unlocked HP Veer. Can I create a new palm profile???? Please let me know the procedure.
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    Assuming it is still working (profile creation and verification) and you have an active SIM, you create it on first startup. If you have bypassed activation, I'm not sure you can create a new one.
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    For bypassed activation: Impostah has buttons to create a new profile... not sure if they work, though.
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    I was thinking that was in there but wasn't sure. One thing I had a problem with on my Pre3 was I initially signed in with a profile that I created but never verified (yeah, I forgot about that too), and about half the time (or more) I couldn't download even free apps from the app catalog. I found an old verification email from Palm, but the system did not seem to work anymore. May try again just for the sake of documenting it.

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