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    I have a Veer panda unlocked with 2.2.4 and with the new advance menu by garret running on T-mobile

    I have had this configuration for a while, but lately the mobile data swicth on the advance menu doesn't seem to respond I turn on and the mobile data stays off, I even tried it to turn it on under the phone setting and with no luck.

    I have to either reset the phone or switch to airplane mode on/off to be able to turn the mobile data on.

    Does anyone have encountered a similar situation?
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    On a Pre3 EU Qwertz. Switching phone-part off and on again usually does the trick. Or Luna restart.

    running 2.2.4 as well.

    edit: after that it works for a while. And then stops again (the switching). Usually only occurs after not using mobile data for a while.

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