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    Alright, I've got a black Veer on 2.2.4 unlocked (bought off amazon unlocked). and everything works great. The phone is running on At&t. It only shows 3G for network speed.

    However I have a co-worker who has a white veer on stock locked to At&t and his has the H+ indicator with *my* sim card in his phone.

    the only difference i was able to find was the network firmware was different between the two Veers.

    At this point it seems to be merely cosmetic, and I know I could just use the patch in preware to fix the problem. but I was just curious if anyone had any ideas.
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    there are patches to replace the 3g symbol with H/H+, my pre3 used to say 3G but deffo connects with HSDPA speeds so i used 1 of the H patches, maybe they did similar.
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    Call AT&T and make sure that they have your phone's IMEI number in their database. This needs to be in their system for you to get 4G (ok, 3.5G) speeds!
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