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    suddenly i saw that there are some lines on my HP Veer screen (it wasn't dropped, nothing extraordinary at all...) and screen stopped to respond. And it reacts like that, when keyboard is open and, everything is ok, when closed. Also can appear just a black screen, when to open... What can be the reasons and what to do?

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    Your screen cable is either coming loose or wearing out. Unfortunately, we've seen that before.

    What you can do is make a full backup of your phone (we can walk you through that), and then carefully take it apart to re-seat the cable connection. If that doesn't solve it for you, you can buy another broken Veer on eBay and borrow the part. I think you might also need a Torx screwdriver for the job (for the Pre we do)...
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    Yes.. one of the pitfalls of building a phone in two moveable halves!
    VKB should be hiding in 2.2.4 Veer somewhere, has anyone activated it yet - as with Pre3?
    Would probably help take some of the stress off those cables in the long run!

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