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    Hey webOS Nation!

    Brief History:
    • MagSafe proprietary magnetic port stopped responding a year back after a drop.
    • For the past few months, the Veer has been insisting a Captive Portal is detected at home. Opening the notification tells me it signed in successfully, then WiFi works. I've been blaming my triassic router.
    • Been having issues for past two weeks with AT&T data, fixed by a device restart.
    • About a week ago, no mobile data at all regardless of restart. AT&T removed and re-added my Veer. Took two tries.
    • Since the AT&T call, Tune In by Radio Time wouldn't work. Other streaming (Pandora, etc) OK.
    • Installed some new apps and patches in past few days, including some advanced ones.

    Suddenly, the Veer screen seemed to stop responding at all, even after restarting. I thought maybe maybe of the new apps or patches must've been the culprit. I'd turn the device off. Turning it on by sliding it open... didn't. Pressing keys had no impact. I would be able to turn it on using the power button. The back-light came on about half the attempts. I could unlock with a swipe. A few taps later, the screen would stop responding again and I'd have to turn it off then back on again. I did the following... painfully... to troubleshoot.
    • Removed all newly installed apps.
    • Removed all new installed patches.
    • A few of the Browser patches refused to uninstall.
    • Ran the Emergency Patch Recovery
    • Ran the AUSMT Recovery - Full

    Through this process, I realized the screen is completely unresponsive while the keyboard is slid open. Sliding the keyboard close snaps back to normal. Any time the keyboard is open... nothing. It's like the screen doesn't redraw while the keyboard is open. The device appears to function normally while the keyboard is slid closed.

    Does anybody have any idea what is happening?

    Can it be fixed?

    Is my Veer toast?

    Normally, I'd doctor the device at this point. However, I can't do so because the mag port doesn't work. I'm very hesitant to Full Erase the device because I'll never be able to install Preware again.

    Somebody HELP!!!! I've been clinging to webOS as long as I can but just can't justify spending any more money on webOS hardware. I've been through over 20 Pre Minuses on Sprint and two Veers on AT&T. If the community can't help, I'll be sentenced to serve a term with Android. For all Matias has done, somebody save my multitasking UI, please!!
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    Does it make a crunchy sound when you open/close it? Perhaps a ribbon cable is getting pinched?

    Think there was a thread on that recently for the Pre 3. Maybe it was the volume ribbon.

    At any rate, if there's really no way to doctor, this doesn't sound good... you really get nothing when you plug it in to a PC?
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    I say pull the back cover off( you can do this easily with your thumb nail), remove the battery, make sure the ribbon is properly plugged in. Reinstall battery, and cover. Restart.

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