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    Thanks for the fast response!
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    Am I safe to assume that 2.1.2 is not usable in 2018? I am running 2.2.4 but missing Uberkernel greatly

    Update: To answer my own question, 2.1.2 works really well on the veer. Uberkernel makes things fly and not lag at all and the certificate updater application fixes most certificate issues. Facebook doesnt work, but I dont really mind not having access to fb. Some sites do not work due to ssl issues, but I am working on a Web Light patch to switch to a mobilized version of the site and that tends to work reasonably well. Other than that, apps work fine, pandora works fine, podcast app, etc. So in 2018, the veer is still very much usable...Now if only ATT didnt suck around here...but thats not the veers fault
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