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    I just accidentally erased my info on my Veer. I went to back it up but it failed part way through the back up. Now it won't back up at all and it says the last back up date was during the failed attempt. This means when I now back up it backs up to this morning fail.
    I did this once about 2 years ago and HP was able to backdate my backup. but, I can't find the contact info to get them to do it.. I think I used live chat last time but that doesn't exist anymore?
    Any help out there?
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    This happened to my Veer as well (2.2.4)
    I ended up wiping anyway and everything seemed to do just fine for me.

    Realistically, how long did you let it attempt to back up?
    I let mine sit for a good 30 minutes and it still didn't complete. But again, all my stuff seems to be here after the erase and reload.

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    Gotta have some backups
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    Backed up for about 30 minutes but it just said back failed around 20%?
    Since then I reinstalled everything manually.
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    I'm not sure how backups are cleaned up, but there's a chance older backups may not work because the phone automatically cleaned up the files. (Yes, for some reason it's done client-side.)
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    I had a Pre3 and it went dead on me on 12/29/12 (last time it was automatically backed up). I got a -Mighty!- Veer and it shows me the last backed up date. I try to make a backup and it only says "preparing" and backup fails around 33%.
    My question is: I'm planning to keep both (my actual Veer and a new Preł that's being unlocked) and I don't know if it will make an issue when switching between both devices (one is 2.1.2 and the other 2.2.4)?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Well, you can't have them both on the same profile, so you'll have to fiddle with them to get backups transferred.

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