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    put it on ...not hard ...would not hold on to wifi despite being close ...doesn't look good ...doctoring now to 1.6 because the palm site no longer works to doctor veer (for me) despite being registered correctly... ideas ?? ...can't find bd2g1xp1wbex1wcaisb8.rar to put 2.4 on it either ...all sites are down it seems ...anyone?

    I had the 1.6 jar on file ...don't have the 2.1 or anything else around ...need some assistance if possible...

    didn't put in a sim but typed BZ and then 3386633# and it offered developer mode and rebooted and is up and running...

    entered wifi stuff and tried system updates and it seems like it hangs because no accounts and accounts app is not allowing entry ...ok, what's next?
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    mhmmm... I wonder if this would work for the Pixi...
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    very strange the veer purchased reliably and correctly registered with its own email and password on the palm website no longer will access the doctor ...also, I had downloaded and stored the doctor which has a 1.6 in the file naame but is actually the original 2.1 version and worked...whew!! what's with palm?

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