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    I opened the back lid because my screen was not turning on and ever since my battery drains out super fast. it won't even last 24 hours. before it lasted 48. can i fix it? without having to replace the battery? my battery health is at 92% right now
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    Can you PM me your logs ? They contain a lot of information about battery state, current, voltage etc... They also contain some personal information (mainly the phone number you've called or that called you) so maybe you prefer analysing them yourself. Maybe what you can do is try to look for lines containing "BATTERY_IPC".

    You'll find log files in /var/log/ (every file starting with messages).

    You can get them using WebOSQuickInstall (one by one) or Wifi File Sharing.

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    I'll go with hardware issues.

    Perhaps the antenna(e) got disconnected and the phone struggles getting a signal.

    Does your wifi/cell signal behaves differently?
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