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    wow, forgot how small the veer is, especially after using and comparing it with the pre3.

    love the veer for its size, webos , and the preware. now i need to get me a good screen protector. gorilla glass is good but still can get scratched. i put my pre 3 in my pocket with coins and keys all the time and its got quite a few scratches but held up pretty good. i got my old pre pouch but its kind of a hassle pulling the veer out from it. but i think its one of the best pouches out there for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_legaspi View Post
    ...i need to get me a good screen protector...
    I love this one. Kind of a PITA to install, but it has a nice tacky feel that adds lots of grip and the plastic is really tough... I went with the full body option.

    HP Veer Screen Protectors and Full Body Skins | XtremeGuard
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