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    I have a problem with my veer. In the browser, the bookmarks list does not show all of a sudden. All I get is a grey screen with the title "Bookmarks" and no list showing.

    The bookmarks seem to be there, that is when I open the browser all tiles are there.

    What can I do to solve this minor problem.

    Thank you!
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    The Bookmark Browser Fix on Preware should cure it. I had the same issue with my Pre 2.

    Change number of bookmarks to 99 is another great patch.
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    Yep gotta get the Preware patch. I did and it works perfectly.

    It's called "Fix No Bookmarks Displayed Bug"
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    You guys are awesome. I was not aware of the fact that this was a more or less common issue. I search "webos" and "bookmark(s)" but found only 1 other thread.

    Installed the patch and everything is fine now.

    Thank you verrrry much!

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