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    I thought I would share my solution for fixing a Bluetooth problem with my Mom's HP veer that I upgraded to 2.2.4.

    My mom uses a "Handsfree" call feature on two cars, a 2012 Honda Civic and 2005 Cadillac STS. With the implementation in these cars you can answer and initiate calls through the cars entertainment system, pretty standard equipment in modern cars. Initially the phone had WebOS 2.1.2 and had no problems whatsoever with making and receiving calls, however once I upgraded the phone to 2.2.4 (For the many improvements) you could no longer use the on-screen dialer on the car to initiate calls. After tapping "dial" on the cars display the dialer app on the phone would start but it wouldn't actually dial.

    I thought of flashing back to 2.1.2 however the phone seems more stable with 2.2.4 so I decided to try replacing the phone app with the version included in the Veer 2.1.2 Doctor, and now the problem is solved!

    Outline of what I did:

    1.) Download the Veer 2.1.2 doctor

    2.) With a Program such as 7zip, open the doctor and navigate to: "webosdoctorp160unaatt.jar\resources\webOS.tar\.\nova-cust-image-broadway.rootfs.tar.gz\nova-cust-image-broadway.rootfs.tar\.\usr\palm\applications"

    3.) Extract the folder "" to somewhere on your PC

    4.) Connect the Veer to the PC and put the Veer in USB mode

    5.) Copy the folder "" to the root of the usb drive on the veer

    6.) Open Internalz Pro (From Preware) and navigate to /media/internal/

    7.) Long Tap on "" and select copy. (Make sure master mode is turned on in Internalz)

    8.) Copy the folder to usr/applications/ (Say yes to Overwrite)

    9.) Wait a couple seconds for Internalz to finish copying

    10.) Reboot
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    where you got the doctor for 2.2.4?
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    There's no official 2.2.4 Doctor, but it can be created with a non-official release of 2.2.4. See another topic in this Veer forum :-)
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