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    Been with the Veer about 13 months, still love the little thing. I do have a problem in that the volume control has disappeared. I only have access to the lowest volume setting. I have an extended AT&T coverage, so hoping to be able to trade in for a new one.

    I was wondering - does anyone have any idea how many Veers were put into use? I've never seen one beyond my wife's and mine. (it should be interesting as to what reaction I get from the crew at AT&T when I walk in and want a new Veer! ).
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    I wonder how many they kept back for warranty purposes?
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    Great question- I'm curious also. Judging by this forum, there are at least a few of us who own, use, & continue to add new features to our phone of choice, so how about a poll from WebOS Nation concerning current usage of the world's smallest (& some would say, best) smartphone?

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    I was at a lunch today with eight or so, amazingly all Apple user. Some how we got to talking phones, they took a look at my Veer and were really liking it, a lot. LOVED the slider and key board; were shocked at it's age for a slider. For some of these folks, it's like the first time they've ever held a phone that wasn't a slab. Lot's of comments about how good it felt in the hand.

    One of the people was very aware of and really liked webos and Palm. Everyone agreed that the Apple patents could be an opening for WebOS to get back into the game with the Palm patents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tracks914 View Post
    I wonder how many they kept back for warranty purposes?
    I intend to find out if they have at least one held back....

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