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    I got truble now, my veer suddenly tuck on USB mode when I was texting
    my friend 2 weeks ago, I already try Hard Reset by press Power Button
    + 3 times toogle ringer switch but still stuck at USB mode, and
    already using a doctor but still stuck at usb mode, did you have hear
    about this problem, I already searching about this case but some of
    them using that 2 step with hardreset toogle or doctor solved the
    problem, I need advice, thx
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    Try commanding the bootloader to load the OS through the use of Novacom.
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    Hello when I do the step:

    novacom open tty:// -t

    it appears

    Bad or error from the other side : ''

    need advice..............
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    Try these:
    I opened the slider and pressed (White square & Symbol & R keys) all at once.
    Hold volume button up and connect to your laptop.
    Hold power button down a while.
    Hold power button and toggle ringer switch.

    Do them one at a time and in no particular order. If it doesn't work give it a break and repeat all those.
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    Same problem here, it seems to be a problem on the back panel, like the up volume key is stucked... I disconected the ribbon cables, connected back, and sometimes the phone boots with no problem, but after reboot then I get stucked in USB mode.
    While stucked in USB mode boot, i was able to fully doctor the phonee but after the reset, I was stucked again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Try commanding the bootloader to load the OS through the use of Novacom.
    I try this one and I can enter to the main menu, you can try this one, but the others trouble apperas now, if my veer was reset back to usb mode, and now I want to diagnostic test first

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