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    So my Veer was having a lot of problems, couldn't access the app catalog (other people seem to be having the same problem) the battery was draining fast, it froze all the time and even SMS didn't work, so I do a sync and then use WebOS doctor.

    Time to log to my palm account, and because I don't have a dataplan (tired of carriers ripping me off) I go into devmode to connect to my wifi.

    Now my Veer is stuck in devmode no matter what I do, can't login since its using the default dev account, can't run WebOS doctor because now it doesn't recognizes the device (don't know why, I got it again from HP and even updated the novacom drivers, and its still like that).

    On a sidenote battery life is solid and the thing run fast now, but stuck in devmode it's almost unusable

    Did anyone had the same problem? how you solved it?

    Any help is appreciated
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    umm the phone should work the same whether or not its in dev mode lol ? All it is is a lock that lets you into the phone basically . So I'm lost on what your problem is. Usually if your computer stops seeing the phone its either not in dev mode or your need to reboot both the phone and computer and it usually fixes the issue. Without knowing what your talking about ,that's all I can guess , sorry.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    There is a flag to mark you have ran the first time setup. It's in /var/luna/preferences. Use Internalz Pro or SSH to remove the flag. You can also use Device Explorer is you have the webOS SDK. The flags are ran-first-use and first-use-profile-created.
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