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    A few months ago, I bought a lumia and had to switch for a micro sim. So I thought, if I want to keep using my beloved Veer, I need an adaptor, which I bought. But when I tried to put the sim with the adaptor inside the Veer, it was hard to put in. I did it anyway. The sim wasn't recognized. And when I tried to pull it off, it was even harder, but I managed to do it. So I try to put a sim from a friend, a normal one, which fit without adaptor, and nothing happened, it was not recognized anymore! When I pulled it off, a copper piece went with it :\

    So my Veer is working, but sim cards are not recognized anymore. Something is broken. What do you guys think I should do? Send it back to the vendor, to HP (though it's a German veer and I live in France), or blame the people who sold me the adaptor?? I might sell it, but I prefer to keep this nice phone, all the more when I know I will not get a lot of money for it (they are what? 90, 100$).

    Thank you all for helping me repair my Veer!
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    You're probably screwed unless you want to disassemble it and know how to solder. Sounds like your ripped one of the SIM contacts off the board.
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    Yup broken SIM connection from SIM adapter, the same has taken out a few Pre3s
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