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    Does anyone know how to uninstall without having to pass the webosdoctor?

    I have not found the answer to veer hp

    For the touchpad is used AcmeInstaller

    Palm Pre to run a script

    Quote Originally Posted by Sk3lleton View Post
    Go into terminal
    cd /media/internal/android
    sh -uninstall
    If you want just bootr removed
    sh -un-inbootr
    At least I think that's right
    What about the HP Veer?

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    If you have this android Android-on-veer

    Just replace uImage in /boot with original uImage (maybe it will be called webOS.uImage etc) and remove android files from /media/internal
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    Hola a mi tambien me gustaria desinstalarlo y no se como puedo hacerlo. Lo instale con el uImage.install de android on veer .
    Hi me too I would like to uninstall it and not is I can do it. Install it with the uImage.install of android on veer.
    If someone can me audar is it would appreciate in the soul

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