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    The veer is selling on eBay for $109 new. Is this phone worth $109? Does it work on t-mobile hspa?
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    I think they can be gotten for a bit less.

    and I doubt it will work with tmobile beyond 2G data speeds IIRC
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    There are reports that T-Mo is moving some of their HSDPA off the 1700 band (which Veer doesn't have) to the 1900 band (which Veer does have), but you'd have to check with a local T-Mo store to find out what is going on in your area...

    $109... Sounds about right, though the market on webOS equipment seems to be very flexible. Don't forget you would need to unlock it to get it on T-Mo as well...
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    Sounds like a pain. Think I'll pass. Probably get it for $50 in another six months.

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