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    Had the Veer (black, 2.1.2, ATT and unlocked) for a few months and it was working quite well. I don't have a data plan but use the wifi for my "data". Typically I would just leave the Veer in my locker at work and pick it up when I see the blinking notification light, definitely not a heavy user. About a month ago things started to go downhill.

    1) Battery life became really bad when I turned on the wifi. From 100% to 50% in a few hours when it used to last a few days. Device restart didn't fix anything and they only way I could stop the bleeding was to turn off the wifi and only turn it on when I needed it (end of notifications). All of a sudden this problem seemed to have gone away on its own. - FIXED (?)

    2) Email stopped retrieving on its own even though it is set to check every 15 minutes or whatever. Manual checking does show new emails.

    3) Stuck in the HP logo for for a day until I learned to get out it by plugging it into the computer - FIXED.

    4) I could not receive text messages. And then it started to work. And then it stopped again (or nobody is sending me texts). At the same time, I was still able to send texts.

    5) Certain apps would not work. Project Macaw and Accuweather would often not start completely. Just see the logo come up (Macaw) or the background (Accuweather) but does not eventually open. When Macaw did start on the rare occasion, I have to readjust my preferences every time (text size, hide toolbar, use stock browser).

    6) Can't install apps through the HP App Catalog, e.g., tried other free Twitter clients. I could install through Preware.

    7) Used Battery Saver to automatically go into airplane mode in the night. That stopped all of a sudden. Going into airplane mode has become a problem.

    8) The Music player does not see every mp3 file or folder. Using Internalz Pro I see they are still there and can play the files individually but not as an album.

    I don't recall installing any patches or apps when the problems started. I installed JSTop if anything strange was running in the background but didn't notice anything. I have enabled Garbage Collection (is that what it is called?) and maybe it's helping, not sure.

    Sorry for the long story. My question is should I run webOS doctor to bring the Veer back to factory settings? Is installing too many apps/patches not a good idea? Will doing this require me to unlock my phone again? Any other solutions I should try first?

    Thanks in advance.
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    With so many issues I would suggest Doctoring indeed!

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