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    From the beginning...

    This phone was originally purchased, activated, and used in the US. I received it from my mother, and since we share the same plan I didn't change the SIM card. I did, however, reset the entire phone from a menu so that I could input my own information. I ended up creating a profile without really knowing how to use it or what it's for.

    ...somewhere in the middle, we disabled the 3G connectivity on the phone. I don't know how, exactly, but we cancelled the service availability on it, it wasn't a settings thing...

    Flash forward, now I'm going to give the phone back to my mother. So I reset the phone again. But, we can't activate it. I just jump to the conclusion that it's because there's no 3G since I can't get the phone to connect to a wifi hotspot past the registration menu.

    The phone goes unused for about half a year...

    And now I'm trying to use it again, except I'm in the Philippines now and we're still having the same problem of me being unable to get past the registration menu. Help please?

    I found this forum through google, so I've already figured out how to run devmode and I can interface with the phone again, but I don't really know what I'm doing and I don't want to screw it up. Just the same, I'm going to try connecting to the internet and see if I can't log in to my old profile this time around. But since I don't have a working sim card since there's no point in me getting one without an available phone, I'm not sure if it will work.

    If I somehow manage to guess my way around this, I'll get back to this thread.

    Thanks, if there are any helpful replies.

    EDIT: Well, I tried rebooting it, but it looks like it's still running on the skippedfirstuse profile. Uh, if I put in a SIM card for a Philippines carrier, is it really necessary for me to have a proper palm profile on this phone? As long as I can call, text, snap pics, and play music, it works for me.
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    Without a profile you won't get any Apps from the App Catalog and you miss out on the Backup feature of the phone...

    Have you Doctored the phone? That should put it back to first use.

    Is it carrier unlocked? If not, unlock it with Dogbert's Method (link in my signature) and use a Philippine carrier SIM. It would be to your advantage to use your old profile and get access to the US App Catalog.
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    You can use Impostah (find it in Preware) to sign into your old palm profile if you want to access previously purchased apps and that profile is not in use on another phone. See the Impostah thread or wiki for details.

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