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    Last weekend, the screen on my veer just kind of died. It froze on the lock screen for a few seconds, then restarted itself. In the middle of the restart the screen just went black. I can see that the screen will still light up and "glow" when I slide the keyboard out, but it stays black. The phone will still vibrate when I get a text or flip the ringer switch and the keyboard still lights up when I slide it out. So everything else seems to be fine, the screen just stays black.

    Does this seem fixable at all? Or should I just be getting a new phone? I'm not looking to open the phone up at all to try and fix something that way, that would be too over my head. But if anybody has any suggestions for me to try it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Have you tried holding down the power button and sliding the mute unmute button 3 times?

    If that doesn't or didn't work try... Hard reset

    The option key (square) syble key and R at the same time for 10.very long seconds.

    Good luck!

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    I've already tried these options and I am still getting the same result. The phone seems to restart itself but the screen remains black the entire time. I have let the battery drain entirely but when I charge it and it starts up again the screen is still black. I have also ran the webos doctor on it and according to the computer, it ran successfully but the screen is still black.

    Thanks for your suggestions though!

    Again, the phone seems to be running as it should, the screen is the only problem. It vibrates in response to recieving messages/sliding the ringer switch. The screen will visibly "glow" as it should when sliding the phone open. The screen just remains black the entire time.
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    Try this.
    Let it drain dead and sit overnight. In the morning hold the ringer switch up and attach to your laptop and see if that revives it. Good luck.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

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    Thanks for your suggestion but this only provided the same results I've been getting. I can see the phone responding and starting itself up because the screen is glowing, yet there is nothing on the screen and it remains black.

    Anybody else willing to offer some advice?

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