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    I was using my this morning, put on the Touchstone, at this point it had about 40% remaining battery. Half a day later I wanted to check for new messages,and the Veer was just dark, unwilling to come to life. I tried to restart by switching mute/unmute, this did not help.

    The telephone does not charge nor with TS or USB cable.

    Anything I can do ?


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    charge for a few hours t hen try to restart by holding power and switch ringer switch a few times.

    if that does not work, try plugging into laptop and see if recognized

    if that doesn't work try using wosqi on laptop if you already have veer in dev mode

    if that doesn't work contact hp warranty repair

    good luck
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    This is a known bug for some:
    For me after putting it on the TS for some hours, I could reboot it with the ringer switch.
    Never happened again.

    EDIT: You also could remove the battery for some minutes. But there is a sticker inside, if broken you lose your warranty. I've never opened mine.

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