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    After reading The Verge's great feature on the death of webOS, I ended up acquiring a brand new HP Veer, as well as a Touchstone.

    "4G" sure~

    HP branded.

    Unlike the original Touchstone that launched with the original Pre, a spare charging cable and power brick are included in the box.

    More picture of the Veer and first boot are here. I'm currently using the device as a replacement to my iPod touch. webOS is really nice and smooth. I like the small form factor of the Veer, in my hands. The physical keyboard, despite being tiny, is extremely usable and I can type messages quickly. (I think I now understand why Blackberry users like having a keyboard.)

    Feel free to ask questions.
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    You should install 'Preware' and 'Govnah'. You can over-clock it from 800 MHz to 1.4 GHz without any issue.
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    I use it with straighttalk $45/month plan and with free tether app, it runs HSPA+ on one of my veers, the other veer is strangely a little slower and only reports 3G.

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